BioHiTech supplies 12 digesters to 4 US universities

By BioHiTech Global Inc. | October 04, 2019

BioHiTech Global Inc., a technology and services company that provides cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions, announced Sept. 24 that it has received orders for its Revolution Series Digesters from four universities located in the northeastern U.S. 

The company has completed several unit installations and expects to deliver a total of 12 digesters to the four universities that have a combined enrollment of more than 100,000 students.  Upon full deployment, the 12 digesters will be capable of diverting more than 2 million pounds of food waste from landfills each year. In addition, the Revolution Series Digesters will also provide real-time data analytics to assist each university in determining ways to reduce overall food waste generation. 

"Universities and colleges represent an important market vertical for BioHiTech and we are excited to expand our customer base in this area," said Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHiTech Global. "With college dining halls and restaurants generating tens of millions of pounds of food waste each year, our digesters offer a cost-effective solution to dispose of this waste in a sustainable manner that avoids landfills and reduces CO2 emissions associated with waste transportation. In addition, our real-time data analytics platform can help these institutions achieve a reduction in food waste generation which is ultimately better for our planet as well as their bottom line."