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In Depth: From Impoverished to Empowered

BY Ron Kotrba Found In:Power, Thermal, BiogasThe Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa, a multidonor fund administered by the African Development Bank Group, is making headway in effecting real socioeconomic change in sub-Saharan Africa—and biomass power is an integral component. READ MORE

16 hours ago

EPA: Biomass from managed forests is carbon neutral

BY Erin VoegeleOn April 23, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced that in future regulatory actions biomass from managed forests will be treated as carbon neutral when used for energy production at stationary sources. READ MORE

16 hours ago

Air Liquide doubles its biomethane production capacity

BY Air Liquide Since the beginning of 2018, Air Liquide has commissioned three new biomethane production units, in the U.S, France, and the U.K. With these units, Air Liquide has doubled its biomethane production capacity, which now stands at 60 MW. READ MORE

16 hours ago

Air Canada fuels flights with biofuel on Earth Day

BY Air Canada Found In:Advanced FuelsAir Canada will save 160 metric tons of carbon on 22 domestic flights this Earth Day through an innovative biofuel demonstration project at Toronto-Pearson Airport. The project is coordinated by Canada's Biojet Supply Chain Initiative. READ MORE

17 hours ago

In Depth: Healthy Demand for Southern Timber Ensures Forested Lands Remain Forested

BY Hannah Jeffries The evidence is clear: Demand for forest products—including wood pellets, wood chips and other renewable wood resources used to generate energy—is associated with more, not less, productive forests. READ MORE


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