Biomass Power

April 25, 2016

In Depth: Out With the Old

BY Linda Graham Found In:PowerThe city of Quebec has achieved major cost savings by replacing its 34-year-old cranes with modern, automated versions. READ MORE

April 24, 2016

In Depth: Sponsor Spotlight: Hurst Boiler

BY Anna Simet Found In:Power, BiogasHurst Boiler is equipped with the knowledge, technology and drive to expand global waste-to-energy applications. READ MORE

April 23, 2016

Opinion: Biomass at a Crossroads

BY Bob Cleaves Found In:PowerThere’s nothing better than low-priced natural gas, unstable renewable energy credit markets and a stalled Clean Power Plan to motivate the biomass power sector to flip over every rock looking for additional economic value. READ MORE

April 23, 2016

In Depth: Export Industry’s Impacts on Southern Forests, Markets

BY Tracy Leslie Found In:Pellets, Power, ThermalForest2Market data disproves claims regarding the wood pellet export industry and its impacts on forest inventory and fiber prices. READ MORE

April 21, 2016

ZooShare holds groundbreaking ceremony for Toronto biogas plant

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Power, Thermal, BiogasZooShare held a formal groundbreaking ceremony this week to celebrate the start of construction on its 500 kW biogas facility, located across from the Toronto Zoo, which will generate renewable power for the Ontario grid from zoo and food waste. READ MORE

April 21, 2016

Gov. LePage signs bill to boost Maine’s biomass industry

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:PowerMaine Gov. Paul LePage has signed legislation that will inject up to $13.4 million into the state’s biomass sector via renewed and new power purchase agreements. The legislation passed the state House and Senate April 15. READ MORE

April 21, 2016

Biogas could replace more than one quarter of UK LNG imports

BY U.K. Renewable Energy Association Found In:Power, Thermal, BiogasA new report by the U.K. Renewable Enery Association’s biogas sector group outlines the potential for Britain to produce the equivalent of more than 45 LNG tankers’ worth of renewable natural gas (in the form of biomethane) per year by 2035. READ MORE

April 21, 2016

In Depth: Playing by the Nonwaste Fuels Rules

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Power, ThermalThree forms of wood waste got the green light under the U.S. EPA’s nonhazardous secondary materials rule, but the amended regulation’s impact appears narrow. READ MORE

April 20, 2016

Pellet producer Viridis Energy for sale

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalPublically traded Canadian pellet production company Viridis Energy Inc. is up for sale. The company is is working with FutureMetrics LLC to solicit interest for the potential sale of Viridis Energy and all of its assets. READ MORE

April 20, 2016

Senate passes Energy Bill with pro-biomass amendment

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalOn April 20, the U.S. Senate passed new energy legislation by a vote of 85 to 12. The bill, titled the Energy Policy Modernization Act, or S. 2012, contains an amendment that recognizes the carbon neutrality of biomass energy. READ MORE

April 20, 2016

Nova Scotia ends must-run requirement for Port Hawkesbury plant

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:PowerIn early April, the government of Nova Scotia, Canada, announced it had ended a legal requirement to operate the Nova Scotia Power biomass plant in Port Hawkesbury as a must-run facility. READ MORE

April 20, 2016

Rallying for a Rebound

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsAll week, I have been working to catch up after the International Biomass Conference & Expo. READ MORE

April 19, 2016

Maine passes bill to boost biomass industry

BY Anna SimetFound In:PowerMaine’s struggling biomass power industry can breathe a little easier with the passage of a bill that will inject a maximum of $13.4 million into the sector via renewed and new power purchase agreements. READ MORE

April 19, 2016

Vecoplan Midwest introduces containerized pellet plant

BY Vecoplan Midwest Found In:Pellets, Power, ThermalVecoplan Midwest has introduced its containerized pellet plant, which has the capacity to produce 1 to 2 tons of pellets per hour. The turnkey pellet production plant is housed in standard shipping containers. READ MORE

April 19, 2016

Air Liquide accelerates its development in biogas purification

BY Air Liquide Found In:Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsAir Liquide has announced the commissioning of 12 biogas purification units in the last 12 months in Europe. With these new units, Air Liquide has tripled its biogas purification capacity on the European continent. READ MORE

April 15, 2016

Vermont Public Service Board authorizes RNG project

BY Vermont Public Service Board Found In:Power, Thermal, BiogasThe Vermont Public Service Board has authorized the construction and operation of a biogas facility on a farm in Salisbury, Vermont. The project will produce pipeline-grade natural gas for sale to Middlebury College and Vermont Gas Systems. READ MORE

April 14, 2016

EIA updates short-term bioenergy forecasts in recent reports

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalThe U.S. Energy Information Administration has released the April edition of its Short-Term Energy Outlook, predicting total renewables used in the electric power sector will increase by 10 percent in 2016 and by 5.1 percent in 2017. READ MORE

April 14, 2016

ORNL hosts Southeast bioenergy meeting, study tour

BY Oak Ridge National Laboratory Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsResearchers and others interested in establishing a sustainable bioeconomy in the U.S. are taking part in a five-day study tour led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. READ MORE

April 14, 2016

USDA ARS: Algae enlisted to produce biofuel using papayas

BY Jan Suszkiw, USDA Agricultural Research Service Found In:Power, Advanced FuelsAlgae are the star players in an effort by USDA scientists in Hilo, Hawaii, to produce a renewable source of oil for conversion into biodiesel to help meet the island state's energy needs. READ MORE

April 14, 2016

NEOMA criticizes impact IESO’s new contract process on bioenergy

BY North Eastern Ontario Municipal Association Found In:PowerNorth Eastern Ontario's municipalities are disappointed by Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator's announcement to reduce the total allocation from biomass power. READ MORE

April 13, 2016

University of Iowa, Iowa DNR agreement expands biofuel testing

BY Iowa State University, Wendy Moorhead Found In:Pellets, Power, ThermalThe University of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources have reached a landmark agreement that will help advance the UI’s renewable-energy goals while continuing to protect Iowa’s air quality. READ MORE

April 12, 2016

Inslee vetoes bill that would have benefited bioenergy

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:PowerWashington Gov. Jay Inslee recently vetoed legislation that would have benefited older biomass facilities by allowing those producing electricity through certain recent capital investments to generate renewable energy credits. READ MORE

April 12, 2016

Thompson, Roeslein biogas project awarded at biomass conference

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsRecipients of the annual industry awards—Excellence in Bioenergy and Groundbreaker of the Year—were announced at the 2016 International Biomass Conference & Expo, currently underway at the Charlotte Convention Center April 11-14. READ MORE

April 12, 2016

Industry talks lows, highs, opportunities at biomass conference

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsLow oil and power prices and a warm winter are the predominant reasons that it’s been a challenging year for every sector of the biomass industry. READ MORE

April 11, 2016

BPA commends EPA on substantive biomass workshop

BY Biomass Power Association Found In:Pellets, PowerThe Biomass Power Association has thanked the U.S. EPA for its April 7 workshop on the role of biomass in the Clean Power Plan. During the event, scientific and state policy experts testified on the essential role biomass will play for many states. READ MORE

April 11, 2016

UK DECC releases provisional 2015 energy data

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, PowerThe U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change has released provisional energy data for 2015, reporting renewable electricity generation reached 83.3 TWh last year, up 29 percent from 2014, with bioenergy up 28 percent. READ MORE

April 11, 2016

BTEC calls on biomass supporters to support BTU Act

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalThe Biomass Thermal Energy Council is asking biomass supporters to take action by contacting their elected legislators and asking them to support the inclusion of the Biomass Thermal Utilization Act in legislation being considered by the U.S. Senate. READ MORE

April 11, 2016

GE’s Distributed Power business signs supply agreement

BY GE Found In:Power, BiogasGE’s Distributed Power has signed a parts supply agreement with Nixon Energy Solutions to strengthen Nixon’s ability to ensure the long-term availability and reliability of 11 of GE’s Jenbacher gas engines that will power three landfill gas projects. READ MORE

April 08, 2016

See You in Charlotte

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsThe International Biomass Conference & Expo starts next week in Charlotte, North Carolina. READ MORE

April 07, 2016

Maine PUC publishes renewable energy report

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:PowerOn March 31, the Maine Public Utilities Commission issued its annual report on the state’s renewable resource portfolio standard, reporting biomass was used to satisfy 92.22 percent of Class I requirements in 2014. READ MORE