Business Briefs

By Staff | January 30, 2014

Deinove appoints chair of scientific advisory board 
Deinove has announced Jacqueline Lecourtier will chair and lead the deliberations of its scientific advisory board. She is an engineer with École Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques (French Higher National Institute of Chemical Engineering). Lecourtier spent 25 years with the French Institute of Petroleum—New Energies, serving as scientific director from 2006-'11. Lecourtier led the the Agence Nationale de la Recherche from 2006-'12. 

PGF Biofuels becomes RSB certified 
PGF Biofuels has received Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials certification for Resonance carinata, an oilseed crop adapted to production in semi-arid regions with an oil profile suited for use in the renewable aviation and biofuel industries. PGF Biofuels is the fourth feedstock provider globally to obtain the certification. 

Superior Tank Co. earns FM Approvals designation 
Superior Tank Co. Inc.’s bolted steel water tanks for fire protection were awarded certification from FM Approvals. The designation ensures the product meets or exceeds seismic standards, wind loads, FM property standards, municipal water utility requirements, ISO compliance, engineering specifications, material quality and National Fire Protection Agency standards. Superior Tank offers a variety of custom-sized tanks for storage of water used in fire suppression and municipal potable water distribution.  

German bridge scraper meets European regulations
Schade Lagertechnik GmbH announced its engineers have constructed a bridge scraper that has been configured in accordance with European standard regulations, fulfills the ATEX-directive 95/5 and is therefore approved for use in Zone 22 areas with a dust explosion hazard. The order was placed in May 2010 and the machine has been operating failure-free for more than a year. 

Bioplastic company forms subsidiary in India
Northern Technologies International Corp. has formed Natur-Tec India Private Ltd., a majority-owned (90 percent) subsidiary based in Chennai, India, to capitalize on the increasing market demand for its Natur-Tec bioplastic products in India and the surrounding South Asian region. The general manager of the new subsidiary will be Sunder Balakrishnan, a graduate of the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai. 

Bioplastic alloy developed  
Toyota Boshoku Corp. and Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc. have announced the development of an original technique to manufacture a biobased plastic alloy with top-class impact strength. The bio-alloy is made from polyamide 11, a 100 percent biobased resin originating from plants and synthesized from castor oil extracted from Ricinus communis as a raw material, and polypropylene derived from petroleum-based resin. The performance of the resulting bio-alloy surpasses polycarbonate alloys. 

BTEC elects board members   
The Biomass Thermal Energy Council has elected five new directors and reelected two directors to its 2014 board. New directors include Dennis Becker, associate professor of environment and natural resource policy at the University of Minnesota; Marcus Kauffman, biomass resource specialist at the Oregon Department of Forestry; Michael Larrimore, business development representative at Cambridge EntTech; Paul Lewandowski, business development specialist at AFS Energy Systems; and Jay Van Roekel, biomass business unit manager at Vermeer. Reelected directors are Dan Arnett, biomass coordinator at Ernst Conservation Seeds and David Dungate, president of Bioenergy Project Partners. 

Viridis appoints chairman  
Viridis Energy Inc. has appointed Robert Aaron as chairman of its board of directors. He currently serves as CEO of Gilwern Associates, an advisor to Viridis Energy’s largest shareholder, Cornwall Investments LLC. Aaron also serves as vice-chairman of HedgeServ Corp. and vice-chairman of Investor Analytics LLC.  

German Pellets earns ENplus certification   
German Pellets facility in Woodville, Texas, has received ENplus certification. The certification confirms the high quality of product from the facility, which commenced operations in mid-2013. The plant has the capacity to produce 578,000 metric tons of wood pellets annually.  

Baker Tilly attorney appointed Wisconsin Bioenergy Council 
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP has announced Thomas Unke, team leader of the energy and utilities practice, was appointed to the Wisconsin Bioenergy Council, which advises the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection on practices for sustainable biomass and bioenergy production.

UK CHP plant receives planning consent 
Imperative Energy Ltd. has announced that the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has granted the company planning consent to build a 17.75 megawatt (MW) biomass-fired combined-heat-and-power plant at Pendigo Way, Solihull, in England.