High-solids AD system opens in Ohio

By Staff | December 30, 2013

A high-solids anaerobic digestion (AD) system has begun operations in Akron, Ohio. The Renewable Energy Facility, once known as the Akron Compost Facility, is using the AD system to manage biosolids generated from the city’s water reclamation facility. The biosolids, previously used to produce compost, are now converted into power by KB BioEnergy, formerly KB Compost Services. 

KB BioEnergy and the city have had a public-private partnership since 1989 to manage the biosolids. In 2007, Akron contracted the company to construct a phase I demonstration project to process one-third of the city’s biosolids to produce renewable energy. The phase II project can now accommodate 100 percent of the biosolid waste stream. 

The project features Bioferm/Schmack Biogas technology and a new dryer by Komline-Sanderson. The expanded system is expected to generate 10,000 megawatt-hours of electricity annually via three 600-kilowatt combined-heat-and-power units.