Facelift for Biomass Magazine

By Anna Simet | March 15, 2013

We’re just putting the April issue of Biomass Magazine to bed here at BBI International, and let me tell you, it was a project.

A very time consuming, all-hands-on-deck project, but the end product is nothing short of awesome.

Not only is it the third-largest issue since we launched the magazine some six years ago, but we completely redesigned the layout. Now, when you open up Biomass Magazine, you’ll find a table of contents that divides the magazine into five different sections: biomass power, pellets, thermal, biogas and advanced biofuels and chemicals.

Because the general biomass industry is made up of several different segments, a reader may want to access the content relevant to their specific sector first. Instead of having to skim through the pages to find it, it’s right there in the contents page, and each top page corner is tagged with what segment it belongs to.

Another new feature you’ll notice is our quarterly construction report. In this issue, we feature over 20 projects under development, along with progress updates and sort of a quick profile of each. And these updates aren’t based on speculation; we touched base with every developer to get these updates directly from them. This quarter’s report shows there is plenty of activity in each of the five segments we cover.

That doesn’t entail all of the changes we made, but I’ll let you discover the rest when you open your mail boxes. We hope you enjoy the new look.




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  1. Debra Harding



    I have a question concerning the bio oil and how to get rid of it or use it to my benefit. We will be producing some 1000 gallons every 8 hours. Can I sell it, as is to the big oil companies. We do not know enough to know what to do with this byproduct that our log boiler will produce every 8 hours. Help!!!! Debra Harding


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