Solutions4CO2 announces new bio-refinery site

By Chris Hanson | February 25, 2013

On Feb. 14 Solutions4CO2 released a corporate update and announced a product development agreement with Complete Senergy Systems and College Communitaire de Nouveau Brunswick to produce a commercial-scale, integrated biogas refinery in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada.

The IBR is S4CO2’s trademarked technology to convert organic wastes into algae co-products. It is a closed-loop system that uses all material from the anaerobic digester to generate products to sell for additional income. According to Dil Vashi, manager of corporate development for S4CO2, the Biogas Purifier and Infusion System is the centerpiece to the IBR. It is a micro-porous, hollow-fiber technology that separates carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide into any aqueous solution. The gasses are then delivered in a bio-available form as nutrients to produce microalgae in photo bioreactors for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Vashi said the biggest challenge of developing the IBR in North America stems from lack of government support and environmental permitting. To address these obstacles, S4CO2’s IBR is designed to result in project payback to be less than three years to attract more capital. Additionally, the IBR removes 85 to 95 percent of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from the biogas by infusing them with water to be used to promote microalgae production. 

The New Brunswick IBR project is being developed by building on to an existing anaerobic digester at a dairy farm. Vashi said other S4CO2 projects in Ontario, Wisconsin, California, and Idaho are currently under development and focus on reference sites for other target markets, such as municipal, agriculture, and ethanol.



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