Blue Marble meets kosher, food-grade standards at Missoula facility

The Montana plant produces biobased flavors and fragrances that meet higher standards
By Ron Kotrba | May 22, 2012

Blue Marble Biomaterials’ natural flavor and fragrance facility in Missoula, Mont., is now fully kosher-certified and food-grade compliant. The company has developed a new process to produce natural aroma chemicals and raw materials sustainably using only plant-based feedstocks. Achieving kosher certification and food-grade quality control is a milestone in the industry, demonstrating that Blue Marble’s new production processes are a viable addition to the natural flavoring and fragrance supply chain.

The company achieved kosher certification through a local rabbinical, the Vaad Hakashrus of Montana, who contracts with internationally recognized kosher certifying institutes such as Star-K and Kehila Kosher.

The company has also been working with SAFC, a partner since 2010, to achieve food-grade documentation and quality control features.

Blue Marble Biomaterials is exceeding expectations with additional guarantees and certifications to accompany natural ester, thioester, and extract products. Each product is guaranteed to be vegan, allergen-free, and produced using no genetically modified organisms. The company also certifies that all products are produced using sustainably sourced plant material in the U.S. Providing additional transparency is part of Blue Marble’s effort to give peace of mind to food, flavoring, fragrance and personal care manufacturers, who face many challenges when sourcing high-quality natural materials.

Blue Marble Biomaterials is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Marble Energy. Blue Marble Biomaterials manufactures renewable specialty chemicals for the food, fragrance, cosmetics, and personal care industries. Their mission is to replace petroleum-based chemicals with fully sustainable, zero carbon specialty chemicals.