Steel City to Host Bioheat Northeast Show

By Biorefining Magazine Staff | September 20, 2011

10/11. Pittsburgh in the fall. That’s where you need to be to get the latest information on biodiesel-blended heating oil, the most promising residential heating alternative on the market. The oilheat industry has latched onto biodiesel as THE No. 1 green path forward for its industry. In order for this to happen—and in order for the oilheat industry to outperform natural gas on performance and environmental bases—there are technical questions that must be addressed. The experts presenting in Pittsburgh on Oct. 11 at BBI International’s Bioheat Northeast are the ones to answer them. The one-day workshop, in conjunction with the National Biodiesel Board and co-located with BBI’s Northeast Biomass Conference & Trade Show, will kick off with a general session conversation between NBB CEO Joe Jobe and the National Oilheat Research Alliance President John Huber. Following this, the seminar will feature four highly relevant panels in the Bioheat sector.

Policy: The policy environment for biodiesel-blended heating oil is strong on all levels: National, state and local. Learn from the experts what policy opportunities exist today, what to expect tomorrow, and how to maximize your company’s bottom line with biodiesel.

Technical: The biodiesel and oilheat industries have formed a Bioheat Technical Steering Committee to spearhead the technical effort needed to support higher levels of biodiesel in the Bioheat market. What are the industry plans for moving forward with higher levels of biodiesel in ASTM D396?  What levels can be used in existing burners without changing equipment? What’s the industry’s progressive, “move forward” blend and why? How does biodiesel affect NOx in home heating oil applications? Come hear from this panel of industry insiders and technical masters to discover biodiesel-blended heating oil’s path forward.

Distribution: As an oilheat dealer, do you want to follow your industry’s call to make heating oil cleaner than natural gas, but don’t know where to start? Then this is a do-not-miss panel. Hear from those who have ridden the biodiesel learning curve and offer their experience and expertise to get you onboard with the revolutionary reinvention of heating oil. The essentials of success in this market will be revealed.

Markets and Use: Building managers and property owners, learn what your peers are doing to go green with Bioheat. While wood pellets or other biomass-derived heat and power are gaining popularity in industrial and niche applications, the seamlessness of integrating biodiesel-blended heating oil to green city buildings and complexes makes Bioheat a ready-to-use fuel. It’s about cleaning the air around you, being a responsible property owner and attracting the growing population of environment-conscious tenants. Hear from biodiesel suppliers and building owners who have made the switch to cleaner-burning Bioheat.

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