Morbark, HTI form waste-to-power partnership

Morbark Inc., a manufacturer of wood reduction equipment, announced an agreement with Heat Transfer International of Kentwood, Mich. HTI is a technology company providing turnkey waste-to-energy systems which create renewable energy through its starved-air/low-temperature (SALT) gasification of biomass. The agreement, which will create dozens of green jobs in Michigan, includes a manufacturing agreement for Morbark and an equity investment in HTI. Morbark's investment in HTI is in line with the company's decades-old vision of sustainable energy through responsible forestry. "Not only will we manufacture the finest wood reduction equipment, but we'll be producing the systems which convert wood and other organics into usable electricity and steam," said Morbark President and CEO Lon Morey. "Our agreement with HTI will allow us to do what we do best-manufacture large custom equipment systems with world-class quality, and allow HTI to focus on managing the rapid growth of its exciting sustainable energy technology."