Total-Western joins as BDO Zone Strategic Alliance Partner

By Ecostrat | January 19, 2022

Ecostrat is pleased to announce that Total-Western has joined as a BDO Zone Strategic Alliance Partner in the Technology Group. BDO Zone Strategic Alliance Partners are best-of-kind companies that help de-risk biobased project development in BDO Zones.

“At Total-Western, our vision is to build and maintain a successful and sustainable future and partnering with the BDO Zone Strategic Alliance allows us to turn that vision into a reality,” says Payman Farrokhyar, president of Total-Western. “We are thrilled to support new businesses that are eager to contribute to a sustainable future – especially local ones that can help our community thrive in the renewable space.”

Jordan Solomon, president of Ecostrat, states: “A BDO Zone rating signals that a region has undergone rigorous and extensive due diligence using over 100 standardized, transparent, and validated risk indicators based on the BSCR Standards for biobased investment. ‘A’ and ‘AA’ BDO Zone Ratings identify areas in the country best positioned for low-risk bioeconomy project development.

BDO Zones do three key things: they help project developers identify new project locations easier and faster; they help investors more quickly deploy capital in these regions; and they help communities create new clean energy jobs. Oftentimes, small communities don’t have the platform of the credibility to promote themselves as great areas for future biobased development. BDO Zone designations change that, and raise the flag over these communities as some of the best areas in the country to build the next biobased plant.”

American biomass provides an economic development engine with the potential to create 160,000 jobs and nearly $15 billion of economic benefit. The BDO Zone Initiative can help the U.S. realize this potential by supporting new market development for American bioenergy, advanced biofuels, biobased heat and power, bio-materials, and clean hydrogen.