Cielo enters MOU for renewable diesel plant in Alberta

By Erin Voegele | August 07, 2019

Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. announced July 30 it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Renewable U Lethbridge Inc. to build a renewable diesel plant in Lethbridge, Alberta. The two companies are working toward entering a joint venture agreement that will provide a framework to build and operate the plant. The facility will feature Cielo’s proprietary technology that converts garbage into high-grade renewable fuels.

A statement released by Cielo indicates commissioning of its first waste-to-renewable diesel refinery in Aldersyde, Alberta, is nearly complete. The facility is expected to reach 24/7 operations by mid-August.

Cielo held a grand opening for its Aldersyde facility in July. According to the company, the facility converts most types of household and industrial waste into diesel fuel. This includes plastics, used tires, food waste, railroad ties, organic wastes, food waste and grass clippings.

 “After conducting further due diligence and watching close to 400 people tour through Cielo’s Aldersyde Refinery at their Grand Opening on July 11, we are excited to enter into the memorandum Of understanding that facilitates us participating with Cielo, on a joint venture basis, to build and place on production one of their green refineries in Lethbridge,” said Lionel Robins, CEO of Renewable U LA. “The tipping point for a number of our backers was seeing the Aldersyde Refinery, up and running, converting waste into high grade renewable diesel at the Grand Opening. We are now moving forward with the drafting of the joint venture agreement that will govern the relationship between Cielo and the joint venture companies that have been incorporated for each territory. Having four Renewable U refineries being permitted and built concurrently will lower our overall costs and accelerate the timelines to have these refineries operational.”

“Renewable U’s support and belief in our waste to energy technology solution to the global garbage crisis continues to surpass our expectations,” said Don Allan, president and CEO of Cielo. “With their assistance we are actualizing on our vision of Cielo becoming renowned as one of the greenest corporations in the world. Pursuant to the terms of the contemplated arrangement between Cielo and our joint venture partners we will not have to put up any money to build and place the next five refineries on stream, with an approximate capex of $125 Million. With Renewable U’s continued support and their plans to further expand the number of territories that they have with Cielo, we are well on the way to having multiple refineries up and running in a short period of time, generating significant cash flow for Cielo.”

Additional information is available in a release issued by Cielo