Gevo receives ISCC Plus certification

By Gevo Inc. | August 07, 2019

Gevo Inc. announced Aug. 5 it has achieved its International Sustainability and Carbon Certification under the ISCC PLUS scheme for food, feed, industrial applications, energy, and biofuels outside Europe.

In obtaining ISCC certification, Gevo continues to prove its dedication to meeting the highest industry standards by demonstrating the sustainable cultivation of field corn, which Gevo then converts into renewable, sustainable isobutanol, also known as biobutanol. ISCC PLUS certification enables Gevo to validate the responsible nature of their liquid transportation fuels and to highlight the traceability of its biofuel, qualifying that such fuels produced in a sustainable manner. By completing ISCC certification, Gevo has verified that the feedstock, in this case field corn, is being grown in a manner that is socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible. This certification is a voluntary step Gevo took to further ensure the protection of high carbon stock lands and high biodiverse areas. The certification also addresses the following criteria: good agricultural practices to protect soil, water, and air; safe working conditions; compliance with human, labor, and land rights; compliance with laws and international treaties; and good management practices and continuous improvement.

“Gevo is in the business of offering renewable resource based fuel products as an alternative to fossil based fuel products. This ISCC certification is another step to proving the sustainability of our isobutanol. Field corn, grown with modern technology, like lower tillage cultivation and precision application of fertilizer, not only generates low cost carbohydrate feedstock, but also an enormous amount of protein that we sell into the food chain. Our farmers are accomplishing something important: reducing carbon through agriculture, and producing raw material so we can produce fuels and food,” said Patrick Gruber, Gevo’s CEO. “The game has changed. Agriculture has the tremendous potential to fight the pollution of fossil based fuels, when it is done right.”

ISCC PLUS is a sustainability certification scheme for biobased applications like chemicals, food and feed products and applications in the bioenergy sector.