Global Pellet to launch pellet brokering platform

By Global Pellet Inc. | October 17, 2018

Global Pellet Inc. announced it has launched a website aimed at connecting buyers and sellers of wood pellets.

Global Pellet Inc. is a Michigan-registered corporation focused on facilitating international trade within the energy industry, according to owner Karen Marciniak. On the new website, wood pellet producers will be able to register their businesses and products, and then will be matched with buy requests from registered buyers, Marciniak said. “Key players such as power plant procurement professionals and wholesale buyers from the energy industry will be offered this service as a tool in the procurement process.” has an option to translate its content into over 100 different languages. Once an introduction has been made, the service offers information on international calling, online web translation services and international currency exchange rate information, Marciniak said.

Registration is by invitation only.  End sellers and end buyers should request to register to to request or offer products.

The website function is also designed for other energy products such as used cooking oil as biodiesel feedstock.