Utah biogas project to use DMT Clear Gas Solutions technology

By DMT Clear Gas Solutions | July 27, 2017

DMT Clear Gas Solutions recently announced it is providing biogas upgrading technology to an anaerobic digestion project in Utah that will produce enough power from food waste to power 15,000 homes.

The Wasatch Resource Recovery Project, located in Salt Lake, Utah, is expected to process approximately 180,000 tons of food waste annually. The facility is scheduled to be fully operational by the third quarter of next year.

DTM said it will provide equipment for pretreatment technology that will remove the sulfur from biogas prior to carbon dioxide removal. DMT Carborex MS Technology will then be used for carbon dioxide removal and final upgrading. The technology uses high-selective membranes to separate methane from carbon dioxide.

According to DTM, the resulting renewable natural gas will be injected into the local gas grid. In addition, a portion of the separated carbon dioxide will be recycled to grow algae.