Amyris signs multi-year collaboration extension with Kuraray

By Amyris Inc. | December 08, 2016

Amyris Inc., the industrial bioscience company, recently announced that it has executed with its long-time partner Kuraray Co. LTD a multi-year extension to its collaboration agreement for the use of Amyris's Biofene branded ß-Farnesene in liquid farnesene rubber ("LFR") and farnesene-based elastomer applications. This collaboration, which originally began in 2011, features increased farnesene supply to Kuraray and joint marketing of products to industry and end-customers.

Amyris's sugar cane-derived Biofene forms the basis for a wide range of products varying from specialty products such as cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and industrial lubricants, to transportation fuels such as diesel and jet fuel. As a tailor made pure hydrocarbon it provides numerous advantages when compared to petroleum-based oils and chemicals and is renewable, contributing to a sustainable future.


Farnesene Fueling Better Products Across the World — Including Tires

Kuraray's recent technological successes with rubber containing farnesene includes an enhanced synthetic additive for tire manufacturers.  Its novel LFR and other farnesene-containing rubber materials add substantial grip and cornering capability to tires, particularly in cold, snow and ice conditions. In addition, its hydrogenated styrenic-farnesene copolymer (HSFC) has demonstrated superior shock absorption in products ranging from footwear to specialty construction materials.

"We are delighted to extend our relationship with Kuraray," said John Melo, CEO of Amyris.  "Introducing a novel molecule to industry requires patience and creativity. However, Kuraray's technical expertise and customer relationships have reached the point where their products are now becoming mainstream and this, in turn, is fueling further broadening market adoption of our farnesene for a variety of products."

"Kuraray has many years' experience working with farnesene, which we believe has many end-market applications," said Kenichi Abe, president of Kuraray's Isoprene business. "Our collaboration with Amyris and their breakthrough-ability to produce farnesene at industrial scale, and at competitive price, enables Kuraray to provide its customers products with superior performance and that are renewably sourced."