Pellet Plants

Last Modified on October 30, 2014

Company Plant Location Feedstock Capacity (Short tons/yr)
Global Harvest Organics, LLC  Global Harvest Organics  Aurora, MO  Alfalfa hay, wood residuals, poultry Litter  50,000 
  Show Me Energy Cooperative  Kingsville, MO  Biomass Crops  15,000 
CEET, LLC  HTC1  Hillsborough County, FL  Biosolids  15,000 
  Enginuity Worldwide, LLC  Columbia, MO  Corn stover, miscanthus  6,000 
  Western Wood Products Inc.  Raton, NM  Debarked clean wood chips  40,000 
  Manke Lumber Company  Tacoma, WA  Douglas fir  38,000 
  Go Green International, Inc.  Paige, TX  Forest thinnings  220,462 
Fiber By-Products Corp.  Fiber By-Products - White Pigeon  White Pigeon, MI  Hardwood  65,000 
  Fiber Energy Products AR LLC  Mountain View, AR  Hardwood  22,000 
  Fiber Recovery Inc.  Ringle, WI  Hardwood  75,000 
  Fiber Resources Inc.  Pine Bluff, AR  Hardwood  50,000 
  Associated Harvest Inc.  La Fargeville, NY  Hardwood  8,000 
Geneva Wood Fuels, LLC  Geneva Wood Fuels  Strong, ME  Hardwood  90,000 
Two Rivers Timber  Instantheat Wood Pellets Inc.  Addison, NY  Hardwood  50,000 
Hamer Pellet Fuel  Hamer Pellet Fuel Elkins  Elkins, WV  Hardwood  60,000 
  Hassell & Hughes Lumber Company  Collinwood, TN  Hardwood  30,000 
  Hearthside Wood Pellets  Stamford, NY  Hardwood  700 
  Henry County Hardwoods Inc.  Paris, TN  Hardwood  40,000 
  Koetter & Smith, Inc.  Borden, IN  Hardwood  15,000 
  Barefoot Pellet Company  Troy, PA  Hardwood  45,000 
Virens Group  Advantek Energy Evanston Plant  Evanston, IN  Hardwood  60,000 
  Appalachian Wood Pellets  Kingwood, WV  Hardwood  Undisclosed 
  Alexander Energy Inc.  , PA  Hardwood  8,500 
  Allegheny Pellet Corporation  Youngsville, PA  Hardwood  77,162 
  Wood Pellet Coop  Pierz, MN  Hardwood  Undisclosed 
  Wood Pellets C&C Smith Lumber  Summerhill, PA  Hardwood  36,000 
B D Schutte Farms  Wolverine Hardwood Pellets  Au Gres, MI  Hardwood  750 
  Lee Energy Solutions  Crossville, AL  Hardwood  110,000 
Lignetics  Lignetics of Virginia Inc.  Kenbridge, VA  Hardwood  70,000 
  Green Friendly Pellets, LLC  Balsam Lake, WI  Hardwood  17,000 
  Greene Team Pellet Fuel Company  Garards Fort, PA  Hardwood  50,000 
BioMaxx Inc.  Dry Creek Products  Arcade, NY  Hardwood  100,000 
Energex Corporation  Energex Pellet Fuel, Inc.  Mifflintown, PA  Hardwood  120,000 
Lignetics  Lignetics of West Virginia Inc.  Linn, WV  Hardwood  125,000 
  Log Hard Premium Pellets Inc.  Spartansburg, PA  Hardwood  25,000 
Maeder Bros. Inc.  Maeder Brothers Quality Wood Pellets, Inc.  Weidman, MI  Hardwood  22,046 
  LowCountry Biomass  Ridgeland, SC  Hardwood  220,462 
Marth Peshtigo Pellet Company  Marth Peshtigo Pellet Co. - Peshtigo  Peshtigo, WI  Hardwood  64,000 
Marth Peshtigo Pellet Company  Marth Wood Shavings Supply  Marathon, WI  Hardwood  64,000 
  Michigan Wood Fuels  Holland, MI  Hardwood  50,000 
  O'Malley Wood Pellets  Tappahannock, VA  Hardwood  40,000 
  Ozark Hardwood Products  Seymour, MO  Hardwood  85,000 
  Pacific Pellet LLC  Redmond, OR  Hardwood  40,000 
  Pellheat Inc.  Glen Hope, PA  Hardwood  5,000 
  Penn Wood Products, Inc.  East Berlin, PA  Hardwood  5,000 
  Risley Pellet Solutions LLC  Monticello, WI  Hardwood  42,000 
  Somerset Pellet Fuel  Somerset, KY  Hardwood  50,000 
  South Shore Biofuels LLC  Lexington, KY  Hardwood  100,000 
  Southern Indiana Hardwoods  Huntingburg, IN  Hardwood  10,000 
  Southern Kentucky Pellet Mill Inc.  Gamaliel, KY  Hardwood  12,000 
  Superior Pellet Fuels LLC  North Pole, AK  Hardwood  12,000 
  Turman Hardwood Pellets  Galax, VA  Hardwood  28,000 
Equustock LLC  Equustock - Chester  Chester, VA  Hardwood and Softwood  80,000 
Equustock LLC  Equustock - Clare  Clare, MI  Hardwood and Softwood  36,000 
Equustock LLC  Equustock - Troy  Troy, VA  Hardwood and Softwood  40,000 
  Essex Pallet & Pellet  Keeseville, NY  Hardwood and Softwood  6,000 
  F.E. Wood & Sons - Natural Energy  West Baldwin, ME  Hardwood and Softwood  343,921 
  Fulghum Graanul Oliver LLC  Oliver, GA  Hardwood and Softwood  200,000 
German Pellets GmbH  German Pellets Texas  Woodville, TX  Hardwood and Softwood  551,155 
Indeck Energy Services, Inc.  Indeck Energy Ladysmith Biofuel Center LLC  Ladysmith, WI  Hardwood and Softwood  90,000 
  Great Lakes Renewable Energy, Inc.  Hayward, WI  Hardwood and Softwood  70,000 
JCE Group AB  Green Circle Bio Energy Inc  Cottondale, FL  Hardwood and Softwood  660,000 
  Gulf Coast Renewable Energy  West Monroe, LA  Hardwood and Softwood  60,000 
  Horizon Biofuels Inc.  Fremont, NE  Hardwood and Softwood  20,000 
  Isabella Pellet  lake isabella, MI  Hardwood and Softwood  40,000 
  International Biomass Energy LLC  , AL  Hardwood and Softwood  485,016 
New England Wood Pellet LLC  Jaffrey Manufacturing Facility  Jaffrey, NH  Hardwood and Softwood  84,000 
  Kirtland Products, LLC  Boyne City, MI  Hardwood and Softwood  35,000 
  American Pellet Company  Corunna, MI  Hardwood and Softwood  12,000 
American Wood Fibers  American Wood Fibers - Circleville  Circleville, OH  Hardwood and Softwood  50,000 
American Wood Fibers  American Wood Fibers - Marion  Marion, VA  Hardwood and Softwood  75,000 
American Wood Fibers  American Wood Fibers - Wisconsin  Schofield, WI  Hardwood and Softwood  25,000 
Drax Biomass International Inc.  Amite BioEnergy  Gloster, MS  Hardwood and Softwood  500,000 
Fram Renewable Fuels LLC  Appling County Pellets LLC  Baxley, GA  Hardwood and Softwood  220,462 
  Arbor Pellet LLC  Salt Lake City, UT  Hardwood and Softwood  60,000 
  Woodshed Renewables LLC  Finley, ND  Hardwood and Softwood  22,046 
Zilkha Biomass Energy  Zilkha Biomass - Crockett  Crockett, TX  Hardwood and Softwood  44,000 
Zilkha Biomass Energy  Zilkha Biomass - Selma  Selma, AL  Hardwood and Softwood  303,135 
Beaver Wood Energy  Beaver Wood Energy  Fair Haven, VT  Hardwood and Softwood  110,000 
Trae Fuels Ltd - Pellet Plant  Biomass Energy LLC  Bumpass, VA  Hardwood and Softwood  126,766 
Qb Corp.  Lemhi Valley Pellets  Salmon, ID  Hardwood and Softwood  2,600 
  Blue Mountain Lumber Products  Pendleton, OR  Hardwood and Softwood  20,000 
  Corinth Wood Pellets LLC  Corinth, ME  Hardwood and Softwood  75,000 
  Curran Renewable Energy, LLC  Massena, NY  Hardwood and Softwood  100,000 
  Dejno's Inc.  Kenosha, WI  Hardwood and Softwood  40,000 
New England Wood Pellet LLC  Deposit Manufacturing Facility  Deposit, NY  Hardwood and Softwood  84,000 
Dover Capital  Dover Resources, Inc.  Stockton, CA  Hardwood and Softwood  35,000 
  Eden Pellets  Chesapeake, VA  Hardwood and Softwood  45,000 
Enviva LP  Enviva Pellets Ahoskie  Ahoskie, NC  Hardwood and Softwood  365,000 
Enviva LP  Enviva Pellets Amory  Amory, MS  Hardwood and Softwood  90,000 
Enviva LP  Enviva Pellets Northampton, LLC  Garysburg, NC  Hardwood and Softwood  551,155 
Enviva LP  Enviva Pellets Southampton, LLC  Franklin, VA  Hardwood and Softwood  551,155 
Enviva LP  Enviva Pellets Wiggins  Wiggins, MS  Hardwood and Softwood  136,000 
  Maine Woods Pellet Company  Athens, ME  Hardwood and Softwood  105,000 
Mt. Taylor Machine Pellet Fuel  Mt. Taylor - WoodYouRecycle  Albuquerque, NM  Hardwood and Softwood  6,000 
  Mt. Taylor Machine Pellet Fuel  Milan, NM  Hardwood and Softwood  6,000 
Nature's Earth Pellet Energy LLC  Nature's Earth Pellets - Laurinburg  Laurinburg, NC  Hardwood and Softwood  100,000 
BTH Quitman Hickory LLC  New Biomass Energy  Quitman, MS  Hardwood and Softwood  250,000 
  Northeast Pellets LLC  Ashland, ME  Hardwood and Softwood  40,000 
Northeast Wood Products LLC  Northeast Wood Products LLC-Peebles  Peebles, OH  Hardwood and Softwood  65,000 
  Rocky Canyon Pellet Co.  Grangeville, ID  Hardwood and Softwood  10,000 
New England Wood Pellet LLC  Schuyler Manufacturing Facility  Schuyler, NY  Hardwood and Softwood  84,000 
Trae Fuels ltd  Trae Fuels Ltd - Pellet Plant  Bumpass, VA  Hardwood and Softwood  130,000 
  Vulcan Wood Products  Vulcan, MI  Hardwood and Softwood  9,000 
Libra Group  Greenwood Fuels  Green Bay, WI  Industrial waste products  120,000 
  Enviro Energy LLC  Unadilla, NY  Mixed grass and weeds  1,800 
  Pellet America Corp.  Appleton, WI  Paper Waste  50,000 
Golden Peanut Company, Hull and Fiber  Golden Peanut Co. - Dawson  Dawson, GA  Peanut hulls  Undisclosed 
Golden Peanut Company, Hull and Fiber  Golden Peanut Co. - Headland  Headland, AL  Peanut hulls  Undisclosed 
Ochoco Lumber Company  Malheur Pellet Mill  John Day, OR  Pine and fir  22,000 
  Agri Fibers Inc.  Rapid City, SD  Pine Beetle wood  8,047 
Equustock LLC  Equustock - Montebrook  Montbrook, FL  Softwood  40,000 
Eureka Pellet Mills Inc.  Eureka Pellet Mills  Superior, MT  Softwood  Undisclosed 
General Biofuels  General Biofuels - Georgia  Sandersville, GA  Softwood  440,000 
  First Georgia BioEnergy  Waynesville, GA  Softwood  374,785 
  Forest Energy Corp.  Show Low, AZ  Softwood  62,000 
Fram Renewable Fuels LLC  Fram Renewable Fuels - Hazlehurst  Hazlehurst, GA  Softwood  551,155 
  Frank Pellets  Mill City, OR  Softwood  21,000 
RWE Innogy Cogen  Georgia Biomass  Waycross, GA  Softwood  825,000 
German Pellets GmbH  German Pellets Louisiana  La Salle, LA  Softwood  1,100,000 
Green Circle Bio Energy Inc  Green Circle Bio Energy-Miss. plant  George County, MS  Softwood  500,000 
  Jensen Lumber Co.  Ovid, ID  Softwood  15,000 
Bear Mountain Forest Products  Bear Mountain Forest Products - Cascade Locks  Cascade Locks, OR  Softwood  40,000 
Bear Mountain Forest Products  Bear Mountain Forest Products- Brownsville  Brownsville, OR  Softwood  120,000 
  Woodgrain Millwork Inc.  Prineville, OR  Softwood  Undisclosed 
  Bearlodge Forest Products  Hulett, WY  Softwood  5,000 
Biomass Secure Power  Biomass Power Louisiana LLC  Baton Rouge, LA  Softwood  1,000,000 
Lignetics  Lignetics of Idaho Inc  Kootenai, ID  Softwood  80,000 
  Confluence Energy-Kremmling  Kremmling, CO  Softwood  100,000 
  Confluence Energy-Walden  Walden, CO  Softwood  65,000 
  Deadwood Biofuels LLC  Rapid City, SD  Softwood  71,000 
Roseburg Forest Products  Dillard Composite Specialties  Roseburg, OR  Softwood  40,000 
Enova Energy Group  Enova Energy Group - Johnston  Johnston, SC  Softwood  500,000 
Enova Energy Group  Enova Energy Group - Nahunta  Nahunta, GA  Softwood  150,000 
  Environmental Energy Partners LLC  Silver Plume, CO  Softwood  18,000 
  Mallard Creek Inc.  Rocklin, CA  Softwood  60,000 
  Michigan Timber  Flint, MI  Softwood  18,000 
Nature's Earth Pellet Energy LLC  Nature's Earth Pellets - Reform  Reform, AL  Softwood  75,000 
North Idaho energy Logs Inc.  North Idaho Energy Logs - Hauser  Hauser, ID  Softwood  60,000 
North Idaho energy Logs Inc.  North Idaho Energy Logs - Moyie Springs  Moyie Springs, ID  Softwood  50,000 
Olympus Pellets  Olympus Pellets - Shelton  Shelton, WA  Softwood  50,000 
BioMaxx Inc.  PA Pellets  Ulysses, PA  Softwood  50,000 
  Patterson Wood Products Inc.  Nacogdoches, TX  Softwood  40,000 
  Potomac Supply LLC  Kinsale, VA  Softwood  50,000 
  Southwest Renewable Resources  Snowflake, AZ  Softwood  18,000 
Neiman Enterprises, Inc.  Spearfish Pellet Co. LLC  Spearfish, SD  Softwood  55,000 
  Tri State Biofuels  Lemont Furnace, PA  Softwood  50,000 
  Varn Wood Products  Hoboken, GA  Softwood  80,000 
  Vermont Wood Pellet Co. LLC  North Clarendon, VT  Softwood  16,600 
  Vulcan Renewables LLC  St Augustine, FL  Softwood  132,277 
The Westervelt Company  Westervelt Renewable Energy, LLC  Aliceville, AL  Softwood  309,000 
West Oregon Wood Products Inc.  West Oregon Wood Products - Columbia City  Columbia City, OR  Softwood  50,000 
West Oregon Wood Products Inc.  West Oregon Wood Products - Banks  Banks, OR  Softwood  30,000 
JAL Holding LLC  Northern Renewable Energy  International Falls, MN  Thinning and low value logs  50,000 
HCC Brands  Hannas Candle Company  Fayetteville, AR  Wood Fiber, wax  2,000 
BlueFire Renewables Inc.  BlueFire Renewables Fulton LLC  Fulton, MS  Wood waste  440,924 
  Enova Energy Group - Gordon  Gordon, GA  Woody Biomass  545,643 
  Enova Energy Group - Warrenton  Warrenton, GA  Woody Biomass  545,643 
Drax Biomass International Inc.  Morehouse BioEnergy  Morehouse Parish, LA  Woody Biomass  496,040 
Geechee Energy LLC  Ogeechee River Pellet Mill  Millen, GA  Woody Biomass  396,832 
Organic Green Solutions  Organic Green Solutions - Greenville  Greenville, FL  Woody Biomass  100,000 
Cate Street Capital  Thermogen Industries  Portsmouth, NH  Woody Biomass  110,231 
  EB Clean Energy, Ltd. - Boardman  Boardman, OR  Woody biomass, Areundo Donux  30,000 
  Allendale White Pellet Plant  Allendale, SC  Yellow Pine  Undisclosed 
Total Plants: 164  Total capacity in millions:19,404.00