The Word on the Heat

BY Patrick C. Miller With every new installation it helps guide to success, the Northern Forest Center is demonstrating that automated wood heat is a stable, affordable option that benefits both the environment and the local economy. READ MORE

Awaiting the Signal

BY Ron KotrbaCanada’s wood pellet industry stands patiently ready to deliver domestic supply as a federal Clean Fuel Standard and complementary support mechanisms develop. READ MORE

Pellet Stove Prowess

BY Anna SimetScott Williamson, the "Pellet Guy," shares insight based on his extensive knowledge and experience in pellet stove installation, service and repair. READ MORE


Best Practices for Fighting and Preventing Wood Pellet Storage Fires

BY John Swaan Best practices and lessons learned from decades of experience were recently used to resolve a major pellet silo fire. READ MORE

THE Ash Content BLOG

BY Tim Portz

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