Stimulating Sustainability Certification in North America

BY Ron KotrbaThe Dutch are motivated buyers of North American wood pellets, but the lack of sustainability certification of small forest owners in the U.S. and Canada has created an intense need for intercontinental collaboration. READ MORE

A New Level of Transparency

BY Anna SimetEnviva's new Track & Trace system is unprecedented when it comes to documenting and sharing feedstock sourcing data. READ MORE

Maintaining the Fiber Flow

BY Tim PortzProducers outline their philosophies and strategies for feedstock procurement, illustrating the critical importance of developing strong and long-lasting relationships. READ MORE


Feedstock Sustainability Regulations in the EU

BY Hannes Lechner and John Dawson-Nowak Sustainability of biomass supply is already a well-monitored, efficiently managed issue in some European countries, regarding supply chains for industrial-scale power and heat generation. READ MORE

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BY Tim Portz

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