Inside December 2008


Reinventing the Mill

BY Anna AustinThe weak U.S. economy, high-priced inputs and low-priced imports have forced many U.S. pulp and paper mills to downsize or close. At one time, transforming these mills into biorefineries looked to be a promising approach. Is the biorefinery still a viable concept that can save aging pulp and paper mills? READ MORE

The Next Hot Commodity?

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenThe market for biomass is getting ready to embrace exchange-traded commodities. READ MORE

Using Biomass to Weather Colorado Winters

BY Jerry W. KramTiny Oak Creek, Colo., faces harsh winters and an ever increasing fossil fuel bill to keep its 600 homes and businesses warm. A newly established wood pellet producer thinks he has a way to cut the town's fuel bill. READ MORE

Biofuels Advance

BY Bryan SimsInterest in biomass-based fuels has intensified since the Energy Bill was passed mandating the use of millions of gallons of advanced biofuels. At the Advanced Biofuels Workshop & Trade Show held recently in Minneapolis it was clear that the race to commercialization is on and all signs indicate progress is being made. READ MORE


Bioenergy in Action

BY Crystal LuxmoreThe Canadian Bioenergy Association's annual conference and trade show, held recently in Ottawa, testified to the rapid industry momentum experienced in 2008. READ MORE

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