Inside July 2008


Breakthroughs in Green Gasoline Production

BY Jessica EbertBiomass-derived fuels are garnering a lot of attention because they are chemically similar to petroleum-based fuels and can be used in existing engines and moved through the pipeline system. READ MORE

Grass: It's Not Just for Grazing

BY Susan AldridgeWe know cows like it-and by eating certain varieties, they give more milk. So do these grasses' higher sugar content also mean greater ethanol output? READ MORE

Sizing-Up Anaerobic Digestion

BY Bryan Sims / Photos By Jim ManganellaEnvironmental Power Corp. aims to become a premier player in the biomass industry by developing large-scale anaerobic digestion systems. Biomass Magazine talks with company officials about their thriving business model and how it could become the standard for others who want to convert waste into energy. READ MORE

Pellet Properties

BY Jerry W. KramEconomists exhort consumers to gather as much information as possible before making a purchase. But for those buying fuel pellets for residential or industrial heat, basic information such as heat content, ash and chloride can be hard to obtain. The Pellet Fuels Institute is helping pellet manufacturers create testing programs to help consumers know what they are buying. READ MORE

Feeding it Back

BY Diane GreerThe U.K.'s food industry is discovering the economic benefits of using combined-heat-and-power systems fueled by biomass or biogas. New technologies to convert wastes to renewable energy are gaining in popularity due to the high cost of energy and waste disposal, pressure to reduce carbon emissions and divert waste from landfills. READ MORE

Anaerobic Organisms Key to Coskata's Rapid Rise

BY Jessica SobolikNot many people were familiar with Coskata Inc. when General Motors Corp. announced its partnership with the Chicago-based ethanol technology company in January. Since then, Coskata's business has accelerated at a rapid pace, making thermochemical ethanol production from biomass a near-term reality. READ MORE


Industry News

Ohio passes renewable electricity bill

BY Timothy Charles Holmseth

EERC Update