Inside June 2008


Biofuels in the Future

BY Tom BryanUsing the world's best farmland to grow biomass for fuel can lead to indirect land-use changes that accelerate global warming and increase competition for food worldwide-but that's only part of the story, said three experts at the International Biomass '08 Conference & Trade Show held in April in Minneapolis. READ MORE

Solar-Powered Biomass Gasification

BY Jessica EbertA collaboration of Colorado-based researchers is taking the next step toward the synthesis of carbon-negative biofuels. READ MORE

The Power of Association

BY Ron KotrbaInfluential forces work quietly behind the scenes on Capitol Hill in favor of biomass power producers. These forces-organized people with an important message-are not often sensationalized in the newspapers, but their work is important and lawmakers know who they are. READ MORE

Pledging Allegiance to Renewable Energy

BY Jerry W. KramRepresentatives from around the world came to Washington, D.C., to pledge their support for promoting and developing renewable energy sources. As part of the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference 2008, attendees committed their nations, organizations and businesses to make significant gains in supporting renewable energy. Many of these pledges are aimed at growing the role of biomass in the world's energy supply. READ MORE

Blending Aesthetics & ENERGY

BY Eric KrohJapan's gorgeous cultural emblem has taken on a new level of meaning. It will help the resource-poor island nation generate more of its own energy. READ MORE


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