Inside April 2008


The Beauty of Biomass Briquettes

BY Jessica EbertWhether it's going mobile with technology for producing biomass briquettes or aligning with a major mining operation eager to reduce its coal use, two U.S. companies describe their efforts to grow their biomass briquetting businesses. READ MORE

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

BY Timothy Charles HolmsethJoann (Tink) Birchem is a Minnesota logger and wood pellet manufacturer whose goal is to see wood-pellet furnaces used as the primary source of heat for Minnesota and the Dakotas. With the rising price of fuel she believes it's a matter of economics that will soon be unavoidable. READ MORE

Managing Woody Biomass

BY Jerry W. KramThe renewable fuels standard will require the production of more than 15 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol in the coming years requiring millions of tons of biomass. Moving that biomass from the fields and forests will be a logistical challenge. Some companies are gearing up to meet that challenge. READ MORE

Northwestern Ingenuity Takes SHAPE

BY Bryan SimsBacked by a solid vision and a wealth of ingenuity and experience in the wood products industry, Forest Concepts LLC is poised to revolutionize the way wood products are manufactured and distributed within the wood-based biomass industry. READ MORE

Organizing Biomass Farmers

BY Susanne Retka SchillBiomass projects probably won't follow a cookie-cutter approach. The lay of the land, the existing farm structure and transportation system will make each future biomass project unique. READ MORE

National Forest Slash Piles Eyed for Fuel

BY Hope DeutscherIn national forests from Arizona to Montana, thousands of slash piles left by the timber industry could be used to produce cellulosic ethanol. Before that can happen, the language in the Energy Bill must be changed. READ MORE

Construction Waste to Biomass to Energy & Back Again

BY Sarah SmithJim Taylor is living his version of an old saw: Every man's trash is his treasure. New York-based Taylor Biomass Energy LLC recycles construction and demolition debris, waste wood and municipal garbage to feed a revolutionary biomass gasification system. His system uses hot circulating sand to heat the feedstock and convert it into a synthesized fuel gas, which powers a high-efficiency turbine or generator. READ MORE

Freshly Squeezed Ethanol Feedstock

BY Kris BevillSeventy-five percent of U.S. oranges are grown in Florida. The sunshine state's citrus processing industry produces nearly all of the orange juice consumed in the country, resulting in up to five million tons of citrus waste each year. Options for turning that waste into something useful are limited, so the possibility of using citrus waste as a feedstock for ethanol plants is being closely monitored. READ MORE

What to do with the Remnants of a Plastic Culture

BY Ron KotrbaPlastics permeate every facet of modern industrial life, so what can be done with that material after it has served its useful purpose? Alternative energy sources are increasing in popularity but one such potential alternative-plastic-is contentious. READ MORE

Grow It on Glycerin

BY Jerry W. Kram


Developing Yeast Strains for Biomass-to-Ethanol Production

BY Ronald Hector, Stephen Hughes and Xin Liang-Li

Industry News

BBI International becomes carbon-neutral

BY Timothy Charles Holmseth

Environmental Power ramps up

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroy