Inside March 2008


Biomass on Campus

BY Jerry W. KramIt's a big job keeping 27,000 students warm though the winter. The University of South Carolina in Columbia looked to a new source of heat and found that the savings would be measured in the millions of dollars. READ MORE

Watering Down the Problem-Literally

BY Ron KotrbaBurning solid fuels to heat biomass dryers produces two broad types of emissions: fly ash and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Before the dryer exhaust stream is introduced to the regenerative thermal oxidizer for VOC destruction, fly ash must be abated to avoid irreparable damage downstream. Biomass Magazine details an increasingly popular and effective way for biomass processors to accomplish this. READ MORE

The Risk of Invasion

BY Susanne Retka SchillArundo donax, commonly known as giant reed, has tremendous potential as a biomass crop. It also illustrates the emerging issues around the potential for unintended weedy invasions. READ MORE

‘Xcel'erating Biomass Power Energy

BY Bryan SimsXcel Energy Inc.'s Renewable Development Fund has disbursed more than $100 million in funding for renewable energy projects, companies, and research and development efforts since 1999. Biomass Magazine talks with the fund's advisory board members about the selection process and its potential impact on the biomass industry. READ MORE

Biofuels in Bali

BY Jessica EbertWith the end of the first commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol just four years away, representatives from more than 180 countries recently met in Nusa Dua, Indonesia, on the island of Bali to agree on a new path toward the adoption of a second-generation protocol. Included in this group were biofuels industry spokespeople. READ MORE


Chomping at the Bit

BY Jerry W. Kram

Industry News

Big money, names fill sails at Ze-gen

BY Timothy Charles Holmseth