Inside February 2008


All Roads Lead to Rome and Rice

BY Ron KotrbaExecutives with Colusa Biomass Energy Corp., a company securing its niche in rice waste, were searching diligently for an engineering company to take their project to the next level: commercial production. No matter the paths they traversed, CBEC execs say all roads led to BBI International. READ MORE

Cool, Hot and Green

BY Susanne Retka SchillDistrict Energy St. Paul Inc. relies predominantly on biomass power to heat and cool the majority of downtown St. Paul, Minn. The goal is to replace all fossil fuels in the future. READ MORE

Lukewarm on Cofiring

BY Anduin Kirkbride McElroyCofiring biomass in coal-powered plants is a way to include renewable energy within the existing grid. Can renewable mandates regulations encourage utilities to utilize biomass, and is it a good idea? READ MORE

Agricultural Versus Industrial Waste for Energy

BY Jessica EbertFeedstock availability, consistency and the hype surrounding alternative fuels are all challenges to the development of waste-to-energy projects. READ MORE

Straw Tiger

BY Marianne OsterkornChinese farmers could earn more money by cutting their country's coal consumption. Straw residues from agricultural production are becoming an appealing feedstock for cofiring in power plants. READ MORE


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