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Syngas 101

BY Jessica EbertInterest in the thermochemical conversion of biomass into a synthesis gas that can be run through a turbine for the production of electricity, used to replace natural gas or converted into biofuel, is gaining ground. Biomass Magazine probes several experts for explanations to demystify the processes used to make syngas. READ MORE

Niagra Falls For Wood Power

BY Ron KotrbaMove over Niagara hydropower-there's a new generation of power in town. READ MORE

Cow Pies to Clean Power

BY Susanne Retka SchillTexas Panhandle feedlot operators clean out mountains of manure each time they ship a pen of beef cattle to market. Where some see a looming environmental problem, others envision a potential renewable energy source. READ MORE

Opportunities, Challenges Abound in 2008

BY Jerry W. KramGazing deeply into a crystal ball or dealing out tarot cards are ways to predict what will happen tomorrow. While it can be amusing, the results are generally less than satisfying. So instead of phoning the Psychic Friends Network, Biomass Magazine talked with people who know the industry to find out what the hot topics will be this year. READ MORE


Densified Biomass for Cofired Energy Generation

BY Jim McMahonThe U.K.'s leading "green" power utility, Slough Heat & Power Ltd., features state-of-the-art densification equipment for cubing nonrecyclable commercial and industrial waste for use in its cofired energy plant. READ MORE

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