Inside August 2016


Acid Gas Control Strategies

BY Ron KotrbaDepending on boiler or plant size and expected lifespan, two major technologies—dry sorbent injection systems and wet scrubbers—can help biomass users effectively remove acid gases for emissions compliance. READ MORE

Brexit and Biomass

BY Amanda Saint There are real concerns about what Brexit means for the future of the U.K.’s renewable energy sector, which has grown significantly with the help of EU-funded investments and subsidies. READ MORE

Apparatus Advantage

BY Katie FletcherIn-house pellet plant labs enable fuel quality monitoring, an asset for regularly audited producers. READ MORE


Regs and Bacon

BY Anna SimetNorth Carolina’s renewable energy mandate is advantageous to pork producers, if conditions are right. READ MORE

Solving the Equipment Equation

BY Anna SimetAn experienced OEM offers the experience, advice and capabilities project developers need to maximize project efficiency. READ MORE


Baltic Rim Wood Fiber Supply and Demand

BY Tracy Leslie Chip quality market data will enable Baltic States to further capitalize on the energy chip export industry as it expands. READ MORE

The Intricacies of Pyrolyzer Furnace Design

BY Bradley Waites, Pamela Buzzetta and Crystal Bleecher Design considerations can make the difference in bringing a pyrolyzer technology to market versus burying it in the pyrolysis graveyard. READ MORE