Inside June 2016


Rallying for a Rebound Year

BY Anna Simet, photos by Lenn Long PhotographyLow oil, dipping power prices and a warm winter have presented the biomass industry with a challenging year. READ MORE

Foraging for Efficiency

BY Anna Simet New Holland is plowing the path to commercial use of woody biomass crops for bioenergy. READ MORE

Workhorses of the Woods

BY Ron KotrbaThe Big Four equipment manufacturers in the forest harvesting space discuss product offerings and technological advancements to improve emissions, operator comfort and safety, productivity and efficiency. READ MORE


Prepping at Point of Origin

BY Katie FletcherBioHiTech’s Eco-Safe digester technology breaks down organic waste on-site, creating an easy-to-pump and -transport effluent that eliminates the need for costly preprocessing at the biogas plant. READ MORE


Expanding the Bioenergy Workforce

BY Betsy Fradd Skilled, professional, and motivated technicians and operators are in demand for first-generation, advanced biofuel and cogeneration plants, and other bioenergy facilities. READ MORE