Inside February 2016


Dusting Up on Risk & Regulation

BY Anna SimetA perfect storm of conditions can result in an explosion or fire at a biomass-using facility, events that are often preventable. READ MORE

Pellet Offgassing: Simple Problem, Simple Solution?

BY Katie FletcherWood pellet-derived carbon monoxide has been a cause of concern for indoor storage scenarios, but research suggests it’s an easy fix. READ MORE

Defusing the Tinderbox

BY Ron KotrbaCost-effective techniques to mitigate dust-related risks are available to less sophisticated wood pellet mills, where a lack of capital, education, code knowledge, and proper cleaning and maintenance protocols may exist. READ MORE


Managing Biogas Storage and Retrieval

BY Bruce Smith The volume of a facility's stored biogas varies constantly and requires managing. READ MORE

Biomass Supply Chain Trade-Offs: Basis for Successful Bioenergy Businesses

BY Rajdeep Golecha Feedstock sourcing is a critical aspect in the development of cellulosic biofuel businesses. READ MORE