Inside January 2016


The Untold Upside of Low Oil Prices

BY Ron KotrbaAlternative energy companies typically prosper when oil prices are high, but it’s not all doom and gloom when the cost of crude nosedives. READ MORE


Chasing Down Bottlenecks

BY Katie Fletcher A few years ago, Viridis Energy resurrected the former Enligna Canada Inc. pellet mill and renamed it Scotia Atlantic Biomass Co. The operation occupies a 157-acre property, inhabiting 20 operating buildings with an additional 22-acre wood lot. READ MORE

Attention to Detail

BY Anna Simet BIOFerm’s long-term AD operations and maintenance (O&M) strategy leads to efficient outages and little down time. READ MORE

DuPont’s Turn at Center Stage

BY Tim PortzIn October, probiofuel dignitaries celebrated the grand opening of DuPont’s Nevada, Iowa, cellulosic ethanol plant, closing the first chapter of the industry’s second-generation build-out story. READ MORE


A Walk In Our Boots

BY Stacy Cook A biomass cogeneration plant manager provides an overview of events that occur during a typical scheduled outage. READ MORE