Inside September 2015


California's Homeless Biomass Problem

BY Ron KotrbaBiomass power generation in California is threatened by expiring contracts, low energy prices and an unlevel playing field, leaving millions of tons of biomass fuel without a use. READ MORE

Master of Logistics

BY Katie FletcherBy securing advantageous points of distribution in the Southeast and fine-tuning its transport and storage tactics, wood pellet giant Enviva is well-positioned to satisfy growing overseas demand. READ MORE

Putting Pellets Away

BY Tim PortzMeeting thermal needs with biomass requires system designers to consider a storage solution that works for the customer, the site and the delivery company. READ MORE


Synthesizing Substrates

BY Anna SimetBiogas facilities taking in a wide variety of mixed organic waste have a few extra steps involved in feedstock prep. READ MORE

From Blueprint to Baler

BY Anna Simet AGCO is well-equipped to aid the first U.S. cellulosic ethanol plants in devising efficient and effective feedstock supply chain models. READ MORE


The Virtuous Cycle of Biomass Supply

BY Bill Levy There are several main challenges in constructing an effective ag biomass supply chain, and they are influenced by a variety of factors. READ MORE