Inside August 2015


Densifying Dynamos

BY Tim PortzFuel log, puck and briquette production equipment manufacturers are expanding customers’ feedstock options and extending their market reach. READ MORE

Watching Wood Dry

BY Keith Loria Adequately drying wood chip fuel is an important component of maximizing heat and power production, and techniques vary widely. READ MORE

Biogas Buffer

BY Katie FletcherStorage at biogas plants, although usually short-term, can ensure generating systems receive a steady gas flow at desired volume and pressure. READ MORE

State-of-the-Art Algae PBRs

BY Ron KotrbaPhotobioreactor manufacturers detail their latest designs and performance metrics and provide project updates from around the globe. READ MORE


Advancing Alongside Ag

BY Anna SimetCognizant of rapidly evolving farming and biomass sectors, New Holland aims to stay ahead of the game. READ MORE

Getting More Gas

BY Anna SimetOptimizing gas collection at landfills is the core component of Loci Controls’ new technology. READ MORE