Inside March 2015


Opportunity Still Knocks

BY Carla Harper In an industry largely focused on adding capacity in half million ton chunks, two producers acted on an opportunity they saw for far smaller pellet operations. READ MORE

The Cellulosic-RIN Revolution

BY Katie FletcherExpanded cellulosic fuel pathways have led to a surge of biogas-based fuel credits, and producers are taking advantage of a significant boost to project economics. READ MORE

Constructing a Full-Service Vision

BY Ron KotrbaIn the early stages of project development, startup company SG Preston has big plans for renewable diesel and its brand. READ MORE


Trial By Fire

BY Katie FletcherA year after firing up a Hurst biomass combined-heat-and-power system to service two critical-use properties in Unity, New Hampshire, Sullivan County attests to the robust unit's reliability. READ MORE

Eagar to Get Started

BY Tim PortzConcord Blue Eagar LLC, a unique biomass power project that began its project development journey in 2009, is finally poised to break ground this summer, giving a unique conversion technology its first North American foothold. READ MORE


Pellet Plant VOCs: Best Practices In Control

BY Malcolm Swanson Since the EPA decided many years ago that volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions must be controlled, state agencies and pellet plant operations, along with many others, have gone about the task of making it happen. READ MORE