Inside February 2015


Pioneering Perennials in Iowa Soil

BY Katie FletcherThe University of Iowa is searching for the right biomass feedstock to cofire with coal at its power plant, and miscanthus is one option a few early adopters are testing. READ MORE

Dangerously Smart Farm Boys

BY Tim PortzLong before farmers are ready to buy the implements required to grow and harvest energy crops, leading OEMs leverage robust research and development organizations to get them engineered. READ MORE


Grass to Gas

BY Katie FletcherGrassland and perennial biomass streams are being tapped for conversion as supplemental feedstock in anaerobic digesters. These streams are considered in the biogas market for their environmental benefits, high-yielding rates and reliability. READ MORE


Invasive Plants as Pellet Feedstock

BY Gregory Zimmerman Harvesting cattails and other wetland plants may control their presence in the landscape and serve as a biomass source too. READ MORE