Inside December 2014


A Dot on the Map

BY Anna SimetOntario Power Generation’s Atikokan and Thunder Bay generating station conversions mark a turning point in Canadian power generation. READ MORE

Hand and Glove

BY Tim PortzAppalachian Wood Pellets and Malheur Pellet Mill grew out of existing sawmill operations that learned to leverage a colocation strategy for maximum operational benefits. READ MORE

Good Neighbors

BY Katie FletcherLately, cellulosic ethanol plant startups have basked in the bioenergy limelight. While less celebrated, anaerobic digesters are adding value to operations and seem to be trending in blueprints. READ MORE


Test to Tradition

BY Katie FletcherWith double the events from last year, National Bioenergy Day is evolving into an annual tradition. READ MORE


Mobile Cloud Computing in the Biomass Industry

BY David Waechter Mobile supply chain management integrates software applications with mobile devices to allow users to wirelessly operate at any location. READ MORE

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