Inside September 2014


Balancing Digester Diets

BY Katie Fletcher While energy-rich and an ideal substrate for digesters, organic waste can be loaded with contaminants. READ MORE

Surveying Storage Solutions

BY Keith Loria Selecting the best system for storing woody biomass for power or heat generation is not a new challenge, but as renewable energy installations increase, so is interest in weighing different options. READ MORE

Drax’s Mississippi Queen

BY Tim PortzWith two production facilities nearing completion in Mississippi and Louisiana, the Baton Rouge Transit Facility is a vital link between the fiber resources of the lower Mississippi and a power station in North Yorkshire, England. READ MORE

All the Right Moves

BY Anna SimetThe best fuel-conveying configuration varies by operation, and today’s innovative manufacturers are ready to customize to optimize performance and meet challenges. READ MORE


Algae’s New Standard-Bearer

BY Tim PortzMatt Carr discusses his first 100 days as the Algae Biomass Organization executive director, experiences on the Hill, and introducing carbon capture and utilization to policymakers. READ MORE

Pepped to Fuel Prep

BY Anna SimetMunicipal solid waste that undergoes Enerkem’s thermochemical gasification process at its Edmonton, Alberta, plant has made a long and complicated journey before it is converted into liquid fuel. READ MORE

Industry News


Good Things in Store for Pellets

BY Bill BellWhile the more than $1 million spent to date on Maine’s pellet boiler incentives (at $5,000 per unit) pale in comparison with the $27 million for biomass thermal funding just announced by New York State, these incentives are clearly working. READ MORE