Inside December 2013


Biogas Product Prospectus

BY Anna SimetFor electricity generators, pipeline quality or compressed natural gas producers, biogas equipment manufacturers are readying themselves to demands of the fast-growing, multi-faceted industry. READ MORE

Taking the Sting Out of Harvest

BY Chris HansonDecades of experience has allowed the Matlack brothers to recognize baling and stacking inefficiencies, thus inspiring them to develop some of the most leading-edge equipment on today's market. READ MORE

Chipping Away at Innovation

BY Keith LoriaBiomass equipment manufacturers are striving to provide top-of-the-line feedstock-sizing equipment. Inspired by customer feedback and demand, several companies made upgrades to their products this year. READ MORE


Come, and They Will Build It

BY Anna SimetLockheed Martin's army of engineers has expanded its expertise to bioenergy and biofuels. READ MORE

Reinventing the Rail Car

BY Tim PortzA three-party collaboration between Drax, Lloyd's Register Rail U.K. and WH Davis has yielded the world's first pellet rail wagon, which maximizes the efficiency of each train load that rolls out of Britain's ports. READ MORE

Industry News


Celebrating Bioenergy

BY Anna SimetOn Oct. 17, the first-ever National Bioenergy Day, the industry showcased its workings with dozens of demonstrations, presentations and tours across the U.S. READ MORE