Inside October 2013


Gaining Gasification Ground

BY Keith Loria Companies focused on producing liquid fuels via biomass gasification are making noteworthy progress. READ MORE

Thermal Triumphs

BY Anna SimetRelentless R&D efforts have enabled Metso to successfully commercialize large-scale gasification and fast pyrolysis technologies. READ MORE

Modular Mastery

BY Anna SimetPHG Energy has proven its downdraft gasification technology and is ready to scale up. READ MORE


The Value of Versatility

BY Sue Retka SchillBesides cellulosic ethanol on a commercial scale, Ineos Bio’s Florida biorefinery generates 6 MW of power via a feedstock flexible gasification technology. READ MORE


Torrefaction: Pre- or Post-Pelletization

BY Shahab Sokhansanj Oakridge National Laboratory tests identify differing physical and chemical characteristics and energy use of two torrefied pellet pathways. READ MORE

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