Inside July 2013


Rise of the Portables

BY Chris Hanson Small-scale power solutions tap into waste streams and local biomass. READ MORE


Equipment Profile: Biogas-powered Fuel Cells

BY Chris Hanson Zero-emissions, grid independence and fuel flexibility are driving growth in the biogas-powered fuel cell market. READ MORE

Cooking Up Innovation

BY Tim PortzBioLite's wood-fired cook stoves are bringing clean, reliable power to people in developing countries. READ MORE

Why We Did It

BY Anna SimetMaine’s Millinocket Regional Hospital is the first hospital in Maine. to bring on line a wood pellet-fired heating system. READ MORE


Oregon’s Forest-to-Boiler Movement

BY Renee Magyar Community-based biomass projects restore economic vitality and forest health, but funding forest restoration—the lifeblood of many projects— poses challenges. READ MORE

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