Inside December 2010


Industry Convenes in Biomass Central

BY Anna Austin, Lisa Gibson and Rona Johnson The Southeast’s reputation as a prime hotspot for biomass energy development drew a record crowd to BBI International’s regional Southeast Biomass Conference & Trade Show in Atlanta. READ MORE

Biomass Sweet Spot

BY Lisa GibsonSweden's well-established, world-leading woody biomass industry has fueled a relationship between the forestry and energy sectors. READ MORE

Show me the Money

BY What makes biomass projects attractive to potential investors and lenders today and into the new year? READ MORE

Building the Biomass Industry

BY Lisa GibsonThe recent surge in the biomass market has sparked demand for plant construction, and builders expect the boom to last, despite the challenges and intricacies that can surprise developers. READ MORE


Immigration Visas can Help Fund Biomass Projects

BY Laura Danielson and Todd Taylor Renewable energy project developers may find funding opportunities through foreign investors. READ MORE

Sophisticated Biomass Plant Operations Yield Excellent Economics

BY Douglas Machon Plant operators who treat their facilites as investments and implement sophisticated plant operations processes create lasting economic value. READ MORE

Biomass Briquettes: Turning Waste Into Energy

BY Owen McDougal, Seth Eidemiller, Nick Weires,
A Boise State University study proves that low-energy feedstocks can be densified and when combusted produce heat output comparable to higher energy content fuels. READ MORE

Industry News

Biomass Barriers

BY Lisa GibsonU.K. biomass development slows due to market uncertainty. READ MORE

Made in China

BY Lisa GibsonHow can developers enter the booming Chinese biomass market? READ MORE

Baiting Biogas

BY Lisa GibsonChanges to policies could push biogas project development and industry growth. READ MORE

Closing the Loop

BY Agri Energy Producers will grow and use their own crop to produce power READ MORE

Commencing Construction

BY Iberdrola will produce enough power for 18,000 Oregon homes by 2012. READ MORE

North to Alaska

BY Lisa GibsonState’s potential to develop CHP systems hindered by the lack of a forestry industry. READ MORE

One State, Two Attitudes

BY Lisa GibsonBeaver Wood Energy experiences two different local climates in Vermont. READ MORE

So Far, So Good

BY Initial perspectives on BCAP final rule seem positive. READ MORE

PPA Power

BY Will power purchase agreements make up for the lack of an RPS in SC? READ MORE

Wood Chip Flap

BY Duke Energy’s request to use wood chips ruffles feathers. READ MORE

Legal Perspectives