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Cogeneration Sensation

BY Biomass cogeneration, or combined heat and power, applications are expected to move the U.S. toward greater energy security and a cleaner environment. READ MORE

Zero Tolerance for Waste

BY Lisa GibsonSan Jose, Calif., will be home to the country’s first commercial organic waste dry anaerobic fermentation process, translated from applications across Europe and modified to create a reference and model for installations in the U.S. READ MORE

Supply Supply Supply

BY Lisa GibsonThe strength of a biomass power project can hinge on the credibility and detail of a fuel supply agreement. Aside from the fact that a plant can't operate without feedstock, the lack of a solid, sustainable fuel supply will exponentially decrease the READ MORE


Onion Processor Uses AD, Fuel Cells To Convert Waste Into Energy

BY Kristina Gerber and Denise Johnston Gills Onions' new energy recovery system converts about 300,000 pounds per day of onion waste to methane gas that feeds two 300-kilowatt fuel cells. The system is efficiently offsetting all of the company’s baseload power costs while reducing carbon READ MORE

Energy Master Plans Streamline Operational Efficiency, Reduce Costs

BY Jerry Carter and Zach Platsis Industrial and manufacturing companies can realize cost, efficiency and operational benefits from an integrated energy master plan versus the conventional piecemeal approach to managing energy and sustainability initiatives. READ MORE

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