Inside September 2010


Cheers to Biomass in Boston

BY Anna Austin and Lisa GibsonWoody biomass has been a controversial topic in the Northeast U.S., but speakers and attendees at the Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo demonstrated unwavering confidence in the future success of the industry. READ MORE

An Algal Dream Team

BY Lisa GibsonThe U.K.'s Carbon Trust has assembled a 'dream team' to collaborate on algae research and knock down the barriers blocking a commercial algal biofuel industry. READ MORE

A New Start

BY Lisa GibsonTen years after NREL's Aquatic Species Program was shut down, a similar initiative began and now is thriving in its algae research, which includes the evaluation of CO2 recycling. READ MORE

Beyond the Hype

BY Anna Austin


Patenting Carbon Credit Trading: Dodging Certainty

BY Paul Craane2010 has been a year of uncertainty for the future of carbon credit trading. Optimism that the administration would push for an energy bill with a comprehensive national market-based compliance program has faded, while the sale of the first voluntary trading program in the U.S. for all six greenhouse gases, suggests a sagging commitment to a voluntary carbon trading market. READ MORE

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