Inside August 2010


A New Twist on Gasification

BY Lisa GibsonA research team at SUNY Cobleskill has a giant undertaking ahead of it, demonstrating and developing applications for an innovative gasification technology prototype that holds promise for alternative and purposeful waste disposal. READ MORE

Proving the Biobrewery Concept

BY Lisa GibsonTwo European companies have an anaerobic digestion process they say works perfectly for brewery residues, but convincing a centuries-old industry to change its operations poses a problem in marketing and widely implementing the practice. READ MORE

Incentivizing Renewable Energy in the US Northeast

BY Anna AustinThe Northeast U.S. with its massive demands for heat and electricity is cognizant of the need to adapt ambitious and smart renewable energy policies. Roles, definitions and perceptions of biomass energy, however, differ from state to state. READ MORE


Saving the Soil and Maintaining Corn Yields

BY Daniel KuesterIowa State University researchers are developing environmentally friendly ways to reduce soil runoff and retain soil nutrients so crop yields aren't impacted when residue is removed for biofuels production. READ MORE

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EERC Update

Back to School With Biomass

BY Bruce Folkedahl