Inside July 2010


Advocating Advanced Biofuels

BY Anna AustinAs the chief lobbyist for the Advanced Biofuels Association, Michael McAdams advocates for many different technologies, pathways and products, which are all seeking federal support to help get a foot in the door of the fuel market. READ MORE

Jetting on Biofuels

BY Lisa GibsonClearFuels and Rentech are integrating their technologies for a demonstration facility that will produce drop-in renewable fuels, one of several developments taking shape in the advanced biofuels industry. READ MORE

Double Down

BY Lisa GibsonA team of researchers has developed a high-temperature catalyst biomass gasification system they say can double the amount of biofuel that can be produced with an acre of biomass, and with no char byproduct. READ MORE


University Sees Biomass as Future for Energy Generation

BY Greg EhmThe University of Missouri is creating initiatives to help develop biomass market in the state. READ MORE

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Legal Perspectives

Financing Biomass Plants Using the BCAP

BY Gregory J. Lynch and Craig Johnson

EERC Update