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Biofuels or Bust

BY Lisa GibsonAlgae show enormous potential as a biofuel feedstock, prompting numerous companies to further develop production and conversion systems. But some researchers remain skeptical as large-scale commercialization of reliable processes seems a distant goal. READ MORE

Open Ponds Versus Closed Bioreactors

BY Anna AustinThere are pros and cons associated with the economic commercial production of algae using closed bioreactors and open ponds. Is one method superior, or is there room for both? READ MORE

BCAP Rule Revision

BY Anna AustinThe USDA released the proposed rule for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program in February and is now under pressure to make essential changes. Until the final rules are determined, program payments and applications have been frozen. READ MORE


The Business of Growing Eucalyptus for Biomass

BY Ronalds Gonzalez, Jeff Wright and Daniel SaloniSupplying biomass is a growing business, and rapid-growth eucalyptus in the Southern U.S. could be a source of low-cost delivered biomass. READ MORE

Great Green Hope: The Corporate Love Affair With Algae

BY Todd TaylorAlgae may not be ready for commercialization yet, but the federal government and several large companies are investing in its potential as a drop-in fuel and for its use in the chemicals, feed, nutraceuticals and food industries. READ MORE

IP Pitfalls in Talking With Others

BY Richard B. HoffmanPeople in the renewable energy and clean technology fields regularly need to speak with others outside their company for solutions to ongoing research and development problems. For innovators working on a new invention who realize the need to safeguard company confidential information and intellectual property rights in their inventions, however, the question is: Whom can you safely talk to, when and under what conditions? READ MORE

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