Inside February 2010


Development to Deployment

BY Rona JohnsonFor 68 years, the Gas Technology Institute has been advancing new technologies to ensure the world has access to an abundant, affordable energy supply. READ MORE

Gasification Guru

BY Anna AustinTouting feedstock flexibility as the key to a lucrative biomass gasification operation, Heat Transfer International predicts 2010 will be an extraordinary year for business and the industry in general. READ MORE

Syngas Tasks

BY Lisa GibsonSufficiently cleansing and efficiently reforming syngas are complicated elements of gasification for biofuels production and continued research seeks to optimize both. READ MORE

Carbon Capacity

BY Lisa GibsonA New York company is building on the results of a study by Columbia University researchers to optimize solid fuel-to-energy conversions, with a new and surprising reactive medium in biomass gasification: carbon dioxide. READ MORE


Colmac Energy's Secret to Success: Reliability and Maximum Uptime

BY Tony McNeilMaximizing uptime and throughput are key factors enabling the country's largest biomass power plant to consistently turn a profit. READ MORE

Meeting the Challenge of Conducting Biomass-Related Business in Brazil

BY Felipe Tavares, Thiago Carneiro and Aldemir MarreiStarting up a business in a foreign country such as Brazil can be quite challenging and some setbacks can arise. That shouldn't discourage investment from foreign companies and start-up ventures, however, for a simple reason: Brazil offers remarkable advantages. READ MORE

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