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Stack Attack

BY Lisa GibsonBiomass power plant emissions, if not properly controlled, can cause health problems and stir up opposition groups that can impede a plant's development. READ MORE

Building on its Biomass Base

BY Lisa GibsonThe biomass industry is flourishing in and around Sacramento, Calif., where new biomass-based technologies are nurtured and innovative proven processes are embraced. READ MORE

Methane Migraine

BY Anna AustinAre stringent air quality regulations impeding dairy digester implementation in California? READ MORE

Bad Boy Crop Deserves a Second Chance

BY Rona JohnsonMention Jerusalem artichoke in some farming communities in the Midwest and there's a good chance you'll be run out of town on a rail. The tubers' reputation was tarnished in the early 1980s by scandal, but some people still believe in its potential as a biomass resource. READ MORE


SDSU Scientists ‘Re-discover' Switchgrass Moth

BY Lance NixonThe rediscovery of the switchgrass moth indicates that native prairie plants are just as vulnerable to insects as other crops are, and that pest management programs will be needed if these prairie grasses are going to be produced commercially. READ MORE

Strategy and implementation of biomass conversion at Mt. Poso

BY Desmond SmithIn switching from coal to biomass power, the most challenging issues facing the Mt. Poso Cogeneration Co. plant have been receiving and ensuring reliable sources of quality biomass that can be handled within the plant's operating, storage and recovery parameters. READ MORE

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