Check Your Clutter

We're conducting another pellet industry survey and we're hoping you can take 3 minutes and help us better understand the role that non-thermal coproducts play in the operational lives of pellet producers.
By Tim Portz | September 15, 2016

Today I used Microsoft Word’s mail-merge to invite over 100 pellet producers to take a short industry survey about the role co-products (i.e. BBQ pellets, absorbents) play in their operation. Most folks using Outlook as their email portal have some level of filtering built in that catches promotions, etc. I’d like to ask you to have a look and give my email a read. 

Why don’t I simply post the link here?

Believe me, I’m tempted. Still, if I post the link here I have no way of controlling who takes it. For that reason, we need to control the link to the survey.

Participation in our surveys has been strong in our previous efforts. The best part is a strong survey response will ultimately yield an informative feature. Our stories that we build around surveys are among the most popular in our editorial year.

Finally, you are our target audience, period. If you own, manage or work at a pellet production facility we want your readership and this survey and others like it are specifically designed to learn something of importance or consequence about the sector and then share it, back to all of you.

This is a story concept we’ve been massaging, learning about and working on for the better part of two years. We’ve seen barbecue pellets, absorbents, pet litter and animal bedding on pallets when we’ve toured plants and this story, and this survey is our effort to put some meat on the bone.

1. How prevalent is participation in these various markets across the industry?

2. How much do they move the needle for plant revenues?

3. What does it take to effectively market these products?

4. How much production time does the manufacture of these products consume.

If you haven’t seen the emailed link to the survey come through, please send me a note. I can be reached at tportz (at) bbiinternational (dot) com.

Similarly, if you’d be willing to talk to me on the record about your coproducts program and what it means to your facility, I’m certainly looking for sources.