Anna Simet

A North Dakota native and Twin Cities resident, Anna Simet (Austin) is managing editor of Biomass Magazine at BBI International, where she has worked since June 2008. She is a graduate of the University of North Dakota and has over eight years of journalistic experience.

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August 20, 2014

Viridis sees solid Q2 with ramped production, expanding markets

Despite external obstacles that impacted Q1, Viridis Energy reported a progressive Q2 during financial earnings call. READ MORE

August 20, 2014

Abengoa reports strong quarter for biofuels, bioenergy

Abengoa's biofuels and bioenergy business saw a strong second quarter in the Americas, Abengoa CEO Manuel Sanchez Ortega said during the company's first half of 2014 earnings call on Aug. 12. READ MORE

August 13, 2014

Residential wood heat incentives trending

In New York and Massachusetts, residential wood heating incentives are on a roll, and the industry is beginning to see trends, according to John Ackerly, president of the Alliance for Green Heat. READ MORE

August 13, 2014

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Best Available Control Technology solutions vary according to project characteristics and site specificities. READ MORE

August 08, 2014

More On Our Biogas Map

August 06, 2014

Ameresco evaluating biogas RIN opportunities

During its recent Q2 financial earnings call, Ameresco Inc. indicated it is exploring opportunities that the growing renewable compressed and liquid natural gas market has to offer. READ MORE

August 06, 2014

Imagination for Mechanization

Armed with a history of innovation in agricultural equipment, New Holland is poised to play a significant role in the expanding biomass industry. READ MORE

July 29, 2014

Biomass Magazine launches biogas map

Biomass Magazine has added biogas energy producers to its existing portfolio of bioenergy map products, which includes U.S. biomass power facilities and U.S. and Canada pellet manufacturing plants. READ MORE