IEA Task 40: US tops global pellet capacity

By Staff | December 26, 2013

The International Energy Agency’s BioEnergy Task 40 has released a report that takes a global overview of biomass used in industrial and transport sectors. The report, titled “Large Industrial Users of Energy Biomass,” notes trade volumes of wood pellets have been growing recently. 

According to the report, global wood pellet production was estimated at 18.3 million metric tons in 2011, with global production capacity estimated to be approximately 35 million metric tons. According to those estimates, only 52 percent of capacity was in use in 2011.

Most pellet production is located in North America and Europe. The report names the U.S., Canada, Germany, Russia and Sweden as the largest pellet producing countries in 2011. Two of the world’s largest pellet produces, Georgia Biomass and Green Circle, are located in the U.S. The largest pellet producers, in the world, Vyborgskay Cellose, is located in Russia. Norway-based Biowood and Canada-based Pinnacle Pellet, round out the five largest pellet producing companies in 2011.