Test burn of stover pellets planned in Missouri

By Staff | December 26, 2013

Columbia (Mo.) Water and Light has gained approval from its advisory board to purchase biomass pellets for trial burns at its municipal power plant this winter. CWL has been cofiring waste wood chips and coal since 2008, and is exploring the use of other biomass fuels. 

In January, CWL plans to test burn engineered pellets developed in a collaborative effort between Missouri Corn Growers Association and Enginuity Worldwide LLC. Enginuity’s bid was to deliver 700 tons of the experimental fuel made from corn stover or a mixture of stover and grass for testing at a cost of $500 per ton. 

In October 2012, CWL conducted a test firing using miscanthus pellets. Results were mixed. While the pellets mixed well with the coal and were handled easily by the system, the fuel handling system created dust and degraded the pellets. There were also issues with water damage during storage. In its bid to CWL to test its new stover pellets, Enginuity addressed many of the issues uncovered by the miscanthus pellet test burn.